I have moved nine times in my life. I begin each relocation as an outsider. As a result, I have grown comfortable participating in an unfamiliar community, not quite yet mine. I almost prefer it. Or maybe I am just bored without this challenging edge of discomfort to conquer. Either way, I crave the unfamiliar. This outsider-phase is a time full of discovery, on the way to understanding and belonging. My drive to untangle the local truths, keeps me on task.

I feel this has worked its way into my art. I repeatedly surround myself with unfamiliarity and then try to learn my way out of it. It has come to the point where it feels dishonest to be creating art unless I am working with a subject, media or tools that are in some way very new or previously unknown to me. Which means that I am often doing something I am not sure that I am able to pull off. The only way to discover if my goals are attainable, is to do. And to question, gather, learn, allow failure and to create.


• MFA, MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), Mt Royal School of Art
• Master’s in Medical Illustration, University of Illinois at Chicago
• BFA, University of Michigan

exhibited in
Berlin, Germany; Seoul, Korea; Portland, OR; Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC and Pittsburgh, PA.

Becky has been awarded a Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center Collaborative Fellowship Residency and a Heinz endowment to attend Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA). She has served two artist residencies in Germany and one in Estonia, among others.