83% of residents of NYC, one of the most religious large cities in the US, claims to be affiliated with an organized religion. However, per capita, Pittsburgh has more than 5 times as many places of worship. In response to this, as a non-religious artist, I attended 100 places of worship in Pittsburgh over a period of thirteen months—despite the fact, and because of the fact, that those dedicated to a religious practice and those devoted to an artistic practice are often (not always, but often) quite different people.

I chose from Pittsburgh’s massive pool of nearly 1500 churches, synagogues, mosques and temples of all faiths. My impetus: to challenge religious conflict—to try to understand and take a stand against intolerance.  After each of my 100 visits, in response to each experience, I created a small ink and graphite drawing, shot off-site video, wrote a blog entry and added fabric or embroidery to a dress—a dress that I wore to each visit—a dress that grew and evolved and changed with each observance.


gatherings: installation images

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gatherings: dress

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Gatherings Dress evolving over time, left to right, top to bottom:   6th visit, Orthodox Jewish service at Poale Zedeck/  14th visit, Hindu service at Sri Venkateswara Temple (Kedara Gauri Puja, Diwali)  /  39th visit, Ukrainian Catholic service at St. John the Baptist/  52nd visit, Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish service at Choen Chabad House (Passover Seder)  /  84th visit, Muslim Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh/  94th visit, Buddhist service at Three Rivers Dharma Center, Dzambhala practice, Fall Equinox.

Details, far right column, top to bottom:  10th visit, Baptist service/  14th visit, Hindu service (Diwali chrysanthemum)  /  43rd visit, Orthodox Jewish service/  94th visit, Buddhist service. (2010-2011)


gatherings: drawings

100 drawings, total. Beyond these below, more images are available on gatherings blog:  30 of the 100 drawings
Each: ink and graphite on gessoed paper, 5 3/4 x 8 in., 2010-2011


gatherings: VIDEO

The following is an excerpt from a video documentation of my ritual comings and goings—my departure for and return form visits 55–62.  (The full video covers visits 1–100.)
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